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Swanky Affair

Swanky Affair

1936 Wyandotte St
Windsor, ON
(519) 919-7779


At It’s A Swanky Affair Inc. we strive to transcend your wildest dreams. From the elegant yet simple, to the extremely lavish, we can accommodate all budgets. Each proposal is unique and is created after an initial consultation. Proposals are planned according to the needs of each client, including budget, personality and tastes.

People are looking for memorable experiences in environments that make them feel comfortable, so we explore the delicious side of glamour through sensual, touchable materials, lush palettes, chic flowers, elegant centerpieces and dramatic draping. Giving people the best of the best with 110% perfection is always a pleasure. I continually create new ways of thinking about ordinary experiences and blending of my diversity that gives It’s A Swanky Affair Inc a unique creative edge.

We provide a large variety of services:Full Event Décor, Linen and Chair Cover rentals, Fresh Flower Arrangements, Cakes, Invitations, Event Planning, Lounge Furniture Rentals

Modern Vintage Traditional Decor & Lounge Furniture

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